I was a mess yesterday…

I thought going back to my ob/gyn would be the worst place to go back to but I should have known better…I was having an anxiety attack or what felt like it at my RE’s office…I remember last yr sitting in the chair feeling super nauseous with morning sickness and holding a sonogram picture of Olivia…I was so happy that we were finally pregnant and it was smooth sailing but boy was I wrong…

So as I was sitting there crying I guess I was “scaring” the other patients cause they kept asking me if I wanted to be put in a private room…a nurse came over and said if I wanted her to try some reiki…I had no idea what it was but she said it could help reduce stress…I have no idea if it worked but I was alone in the room and started to calm down a bit…I was getting anxious since my RE was running late…another nurse came and wanted to get my weight and she started asking me why I was here so I explained the loss and she mentioned I should have called them…I thought to myself why should I call them and what do I say…Hi I was a patient there and I lost the baby that I fought so hard to have???…kinda strange but whatever…she then told me she was going to talk to the RE before I was seen I guess to prep her…she had medical residents that were sitting in on consults but for mine they were asked to stay outside…

I finally sat down with my RE and explained what had happened and she was really saddened but what struck me was that she said this is happening more and more often…she said I was the 4th patient that experienced a late 2nd trimester loss in the past 8 months…she was wondering what was happening…she couldnt correlate it to IVF since we all have very different backgrounds and diagnosis…my hubby said they should really do a study to see if there is one or not…she mentioned that one of her patients is flying to Chicago to see Dr. Haney in April…she said getting a TAC is great and she supported it…not that she could have changed my mind anyway…she def was interested in hearing about the procedure and understanding it…

She did also mention that maybe being more conservative with the number of embryos we transfer would be the way to go…the last time we transferred 2 and got pregnant with Olivia…she thought if we transferred 2 again we had a good chance of having twins and there are complications with twins and pre term labor plus the added weight of 2 babies on the cervix…I did explain that the TAC could hold the weight of an adult male…but she said it was something to think about and to ask Dr. Davis what his thoughts were…she would do whatever we wanted but we have time…I am leaning towards 2 since the last time we got pregnant with only one…having to do multiple frozen transfers is not a fun process its def easier than a fresh IVF cycle but still not something I enjoy doing…

So now the plan is since I do not ovulate on my own is that I will come back 2 weeks after the TAC surgery so that she can put me on provera to  induce a period…we have to do another sonohysterogram which is a saline sonogram to check my uterus…We will then start provera again in mid-June and then begin the estrogen to get my lining thick enough for transfer…we have some options for the priming of my lining…we can induce ovulation with injectables but I am scared of that since I overstimulated with a very low dose during my fresh IVF cycle…she said we can estrogen pills vaginally again…last time my lining did not get thick enough with the estrogen patches but once I switched to the pills my lining finally started getting thicker…they want it at over 8mm at the time of transfer…she also mentioned delestrogen which is an injectable form of estrogen…my lining sucks so much when I am not stimming!!!

So now it seems like we have a plan and hopefully be able to transfer in late June or early July!!!




My name is Cindy

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6 comments on “I was a mess yesterday…
  1. Froward Words says:

    You aren’t the only the only one who had a flare up at the RE. My husband actually went and got me some water so I could take my anxiety pill (Ativan), so luckily I prevented full on hysterics. I haven’t taken a pill in weeks.

  2. lrm1102 says:

    I was a mess at my first visit back to the RE. I did tell the receptionist when I called to schedule what had happened but she didnt relay it back to my RE or the nurses. They were surprised when I got there. I am so sorry for all you are going through but it sounds like you have a great plan. I know plans always help me. Best wishes!!

  3. Lara says:

    The TAC is just amazing. Are you seeing Dr. H in Chicago? He’s wonderful. Good luck!

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