My TAC Story…

I cannot believe I did not post about my TAC surgery so here it is:

So on Thursday, March 28th we left for my pre-op appt with Dr. Davis in southern NJ…we left long island around 11AM and got there around 2:30pm….we had lunch and got to our appt on time…I was a bit freaked out since I knew that I was having surgery the very next day and didn’t know what to expect…so we met the famous Dr. Davis and having several phone and email conversations it was great to finally meet the man…it almost felt like meeting the great and powerful Oz, lol…he had a resident with him and he went over my history and asked if we had any questions…I had done extensive research so I know I didnt but I did ask some questions so that my hubby could understand how this surgery was going to enable us to have a full term baby and it will cure my incompetent cervix…he went ahead and did a manual check of my cervix…I was expecting him to do a trans-vaginal but he did a manual check and said I should do fine…I was set for my surgery and was the first one for the next day…I found out that Dr. Davis was doing 3 TAC’s that day…we needed to be at the hospital by 5:45AM and surgery was at 7:30AM…we went to philly that night and had some cheese steaks as whenever I am around philly I need to eat an authentic sandwich…I was nervous that night but I new that was what I needed and it would be the way we brought home our rainbow baby.

We got to the hospital right on time and checked into same day surgery…I was brought back to have blood taken, a urine pregnancy test and various questions were asked of me…got to meet several anesthesiologists and then Dr. Davis came around 7AM and asked if I had any questions which I didn’t…I was ready for this…I was brought back to the operating room and with in a couple of minutes I was out…I woke up in recovery and I was in pain…Dr. Davis had spoken to my husband and said the surgery went well…I was in recovery until about 11:30AM since they were waiting for a room..I def put the morphine pump to use…we finally got to our room and I just remember going in and out of sleeping…The nurses at Kennedy Hosptial were also super sweet and I think make the whole experience that much better…they all asked where we were from and I think they felt let down when we say we are only from long island…they all comment that they see women who come from all over the world to see Dr. Davis…one nurse said that a woman came from guam to see him which was amazing…

I was on a liquid diet to prevent any issues with gas build-up which I hear can be an issue if you go to solid foods too quickly…I suffered from nausea anyway…could have been from the morphine or the surgery but it was pretty bad…they gave me zofran which didnt help and then I was given a different drug which seemed to help me more…During the night I guess my heart started to have issues and my urine was really dark so they pumped fluids into me via the IV…by the morning my urine was clearer and everything was better. I was not sleeping too well and was was usually in 20-60 min intervals and that could be because I was constantly being checked on by the nurses and I was sleeping in a hospital…My hubby stayed with me the entire night and slept in a chair which was comforting to have him with me

I had a catheter in until around 7AM the next day and that was removed…it wasnt too bad having it removed but going to the restroom the first time after the removal was def an interesting experience lol…I was back to a regular diet but I wasnt too hungry anyway…the pain was not too bad and I didnt need the morphine pump the next day…I had the pump removed around 11AM…I did have a bit of pain around the early afternoon and was given a percoset which def helped…

Dr. Davis came to see me around 4:30pm…My hubby remembered that I wanted to take a picture with the “Rock Star” which is what the nurses call him lol…I was a bit shocked that he didnt visit me the day before just to see how I was after the surgery but I understand that he is quite busy plus he usually goes ballroom dancing on Friday nights…he checked my incision and said that the binder was too big so he cut it so it fit better…he gave me a prescription for percoset and gave us a staple remover kit…he said I could go to my ob to have it removed or my hubby could do it but it should be removed by Wednesday at the latest…I am going to trust my hubby to remove it since I cannot drive anyway for at least 10 days or until I can jump off the last step and not feel pain…so he was going to send me on my way but I wanted to get a picture of my TAC so that I can show both my ob/gyn and my RE at my next visit…he did the trans-vaginal ultrasound and gave me the pictures as well as a letter for my ob detailing the surgery…

I was super happy to have had the surgery and thankful to have Dr. Davis around who is willing to do the surgery when a lot of doctors feel a TAC is “morbid” which is what an MFM told me…I think to myself that losing a baby or multiple babies is more morbid than any surgery I could have to correct my cervix.


Me with Dr. Davis the “Rock Star”


My name is Cindy

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17 comments on “My TAC Story…
  1. roadtofertility says:

    Wow you were right in my area! Kennedy is an amazing hospital. I’m so glad that your surgery went well. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. JustHeather says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am so very hopeful for you and your rainbow baby.
    I don’t understand how having this surgery can be morbid… each to their own I guess. I hope you are continuing to heal well.

  3. Mrs D says:

    Great that things went well!!

  4. Stasy says:

    I’m so glad it went well. Thank you for being willing to share you story. I don’t understand how having this surgery is morbid, but I guess every one is entitled to their own opinion. I have high hopes that this is what works for you to get your take-home baby.

  5. ivfmale says:

    So glad your surgery went smoothly. I’ll have to agree with you on not understanding how anyone could think this corrective surgery is morbid. Just makes no sense.

  6. Jane says:

    I’m preparing for a pre-pregnancy TAC the first week in October…your posts about your TAC have helped me so much.

  7. Thalia says:

    Hi my name is Thalia and I’m glad your tac went well and I’m sorry for your loss I’m probably alittle late but I was just looking up some information about the tac since I lost my son at 18 weeks due to my cervix opening and I wanted to see if you can answer some of my questions that I have since you experienced it. I’m trying to get in contact with dr Davis but I’m not sure if I have the right number that I’m calling.

    • cindysn says:

      Hi Thalia…I am so sorry for your loss…I am glad you found about the TAC and want to see the best TAC doctor arounc. Dr. Davis moved to Tennessee and practices there now. Where are you located? I would highly recommend joining facebook page You will get amazing information about the TAC and support as well. You can also go to this page for more information If you have any other questions please let me know and I will help you the best I can.

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