Saline Sono and Trial Transfer Done!!!

So yesterday was the big day.  I had the saline sono to see if there were any issues with my uterus and a trial transfer for my FET in June. Both the trial transfer and saline sono were done with no issue. They also did not even need to dilate me!!!  I was truly scared that they would need to since the last time they could not get the catheter in. My TAC did cause a shadow which made it seem like there was an issue with my lining but in the end it was nothing.  You could see the TAC glowing on the ultrasound like a trophy which I am super proud to carry for the rest of my life.  That TAC will allow me to bring home my rainbow baby.  I did have an 8mm follicle so hopefully that grows (I am on CD 11) and I tend to ovulate around CD 16-18 so I may actually ovulate on my own or it may not even grow.  I do not ovulate on my own normally but I did last month so I am hopeful that I will again.  If I do not ovulate and I do not get AF I have to go back to the RE for a provera script.  I am really hopeful that I do ovulate and if we are super lucky we could even get pregnant on our own or I could even hit the lottery.  I equate me getting pregnant naturally to winning the lottery since it seems like I have the same exact chances for each.

A sonohysterogram (saline sonogram) is a simple outpatient ultrasound procedure designed to help the doctor look at the endometrial cavity (the inside part of the uterus) and the endometrium (the lining of the endometrial cavity).

What your doctor is looking for:

  • Looking for a lesion in the endometrium, such as a polyp. You may have a pelvic ultrasound that suggests the endometrium is thicker than normal or has a different appearance. The saline sonohysterogram will help confirm or exclude the presence of an endometrial polyp or submucous fibroid.
  • Investigation of postmenopausal bleeding, especially if the endometrium is not well seen on a regular pelvic ultrasound, or if the endometrium appears thicker than expected.
  • Assessing the shape of the endometrial cavity. The saline sonohysterogram evaluates the contour of the endometrial cavity, detecting conditions such as a uterine septum or bicornuate uterus (these are types of congenital uterine anomalies). 3D/4D imaging of the uterus during the sonohysterogram is particularly useful for the assessment of congenital uterine anomalies. This information may be used to investigate problems like recurrent miscarriages or infertility.

How is it performed:

  • The first part of the saline sonohysterogram is like the first part of a pap smear, with a vaginal speculum gently inserted into the vagina to visualise the cervix. The cervix is then cleansed with antiseptic solution, to decrease the risk of infection. A thin flexible catheter is inserted through the opening of the cervix, so that the catheter lies within the endometrial cavity. Inserting this intrauterine catheter does not usually cause discomfort. The vaginal speculum is then removed, with the catheter remaining inside. Next, the transvaginal ultrasound (internal scan through the vagina) is used to image the uterus.

    A small amount of sterile saline (approximately 10ml) is introduced into the endometrial cavity through the catheter. This saline distends the endometrial cavity, allowing better assessment of the contour and shape of the endometrium.

In the trial transfer, your doctor mimics the actual embryo transfer by passing a soft catheter into the uterine cavity to determine the angle and depth of the uterus, and to help discover if there is any difficulty in doing so in advance. This allows your doctor to “map out” an appropriate path for the actual embryo transfer so that this procedure is done as smoothly easily as possible.


My name is Cindy

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6 comments on “Saline Sono and Trial Transfer Done!!!
  1. Tara says:

    Oh Cindy, I read your posts with such recognition of what you’re going through…I’m with you, Lady…right there with ya! We’re taking a month off before trying another fresh IVF cycle. I’ll be thinking of you and sending those sticky vibes your way. Soldier on, brave woman!

  2. Getting closer!

    I’ve never had a mock transfer, they just don’t seem to do them at my clinic.

  3. Glad you had a great appointment!

    I did have the saline sonogram, but my RE did not do a mock transfer either.

  4. Stasy says:

    I’m glad the appointment went so well.

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