I went to a Psychic Medium!!!

I went to a psychic medium on Tuesday because I wanted to connect to my daughter and see if she was ok.  I feel guilty that my body did not protect her like it should and with my due date coming I just feel super depressed.  The medium was recommended by my therapist so I took the chance and see what it was all about.  He def knew things about my past that nobody knows and he did say that Olivia was ok and at peace.  I needed to forgive myself.  He also indicated that I would be a mother of two children in the next 2-3 yrs which was something I am super paranoid about.  I want to be a mother to a living child so badly that it hurts.  I am still a bit on the fence on the whole thing but that could be my rational mind.  He said that she comes and visits me around 3AM and I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago that I would wake up at 3:26AM for no reason but maybe the reason is that she is coming to see me but who knows.  I really hope that everything he said was true and Olivia is ok cause I am really trying to come to terms with what happened.  He did say if she survived her soul would be tortured.  I broke down several times during the session cause it was just hard to hear some of the truths he was telling me.  I wish she had come through more just to know more about her and how she is but you cannot make a spirit come through.  I was also able to tape the session so I can hear it from time to time and when I do get pregnant it will be interesting to know if its at the same time he said. I am def interested in knowing more about the afterlife and spirits now.


My name is Cindy

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14 comments on “I went to a Psychic Medium!!!
  1. Melanie says:

    FASCINATING! I’m not necessary a believer in those things but I have a feeling that a session like THAT would change my mind!!!! I always assumed it would be so very expensive….

  2. cindysn says:

    It was really eye opening that he knew things about my family that my grandmother would know and she was the one who was “speaking” to him. It wasnt too expensive at $200 for a 40 min session. I booked another that my close friend suggested and he is purely a medium. He books really quickly so my session isnt until November.

  3. Interesting. 3am is a time I very much associate with my baby too.

  4. cindysn says:

    If you read about it 3AM is the darkest hour and usually the spirits are the most active at that time. I have no idea but I still wake up around 3:20AM almost everyday.

  5. Froward Words says:

    I don’t know how I really feel about psychics and mediums, but I cling to anything that gives me a connection with my daughter.

    • cindysn says:

      It’s so hard to believe but when they tell you things that they could not know even with a cold reading it makes you believe or at least I start to believe in the spirt world.

      • Froward Words says:

        My mother wants to pay for a private session with Jon Edwards to see if she can talk with the baby. There’s a part of me that wants to go, but I’m terrified that she wouldn’t be there, or worse, say something that would make me regret my decision.

      • cindysn says:

        I really don’t think your baby would ever say anything to regret your decision. Your decision was made with only love for her and not being selfish. She knows that. I was so afraid of what she would say but I felt a little at peace knowing that she is ok. I was not able to get as much info about how she is so I booked another session with a medium.

      • cindysn says:

        Jon Edwards is tough to get a session with him and I cannot even imagine how much that is.

      • Froward Words says:

        It was *expensive*. I don’t think she’s going, but we might go to a medium of some sort when she is in town for Memorial Day weekend.

      • cindysn says:

        Have you ever gone? That was my first time with a medium

      • Froward Words says:

        I haven’t, but I have gone to a palm reader before (I’m supposed to have a son, according to her!)!

      • cindysn says:

        I have gone to psychics before and recently. I am supposed to have children either 2 or 3 kids.

  6. Kimberly says:

    Came across your blog this evening and took some time to read a bit. Your journey hurts; I know, & I’m so sorry. After reading this post, I think you may appreciate the book “Heaven is for Real.” It’s the true story (hasn’t been discredited yet, at any rate) of a little boy who sees heaven…& during his visit, meets a sister he did not know he had, because she was miscarried. I’ve lost a baby as well; the story encouraged me.

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