Why would you a TVC if you know you have IC ???

Boggles my mind!!!!!!!!!  There is a girl that has known IC and I sent her the info on the TAC and that it will give her the very best odds to carry a baby to full term yet she still is probably going to go with a TVC…WHY??????????  Maybe I am super sensitive to the subject but as a mother dont you want to do anything and everything to make sure your baby is full term???  I hope this doesnt sound insensitive but when you know the information and understand what IC is and you still pursue a TVC which lessens your odds I dont get it.  For the people that do not have the information I understand but I just dont understand why dr’s do not promote the TAC.  Its a life saver and the best decision I ever made.  Sorry for the ramble but it just irked me to hear that plus she is going to a MFM who thinks the TAC is aggressive…whatever!!!!!!!!!!!


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14 comments on “Why would you a TVC if you know you have IC ???
  1. ecutri says:

    Wouldn’t that be the doctor’s decision? I don’t know what any of this means, at all…and I am not going to pretend I do…but I would do anything my doctor tells me because I place my whole hearted trust in her. She is out for my best interest so I would trust in whatever she recommends since she is the one who went through years and years of school and has worked hands on with everything. What is good for one is not always good for others and that is the doctor’s discretion.

    • cindysn says:

      I disagree with you 100% its your body and in the end your the one who has to live with the consequences not the dr. Its not the dr’s decision at all and we all have the right to question what the dr believes is the right decision. In the end he is human and if he makes a mistake for whatever reason we have to live with that. As informed patients we have to seek out advice from different dr’s given the information available to us. There are dr’s who believe that the TAC is aggressive but to lose a baby to IC kills you. I am sorry but if you have never suffered a loss like that then its hard to understand. IC is something that can be cured by a TAC. If you want more info please look at my information on my page. Again there are people that look at dr’s are all knowing but they are not. Not all dr’s have all the information and there are some that have no idea what a TAC is so to think that just because they went to medical school they understand 100% what is best is not always true.

      • ecutri says:

        I agree if I found some information I would definitely bring it up but I don’t think I would ever leave my doctor for a disagreement and try to find a doctor whom I trust just as much as her. I HAVE suffered a loss, not a curable one, but I know that I would do ANYTHING to keep my babies but I also know that I would trust my doctor whole heartedly in any decision she made after carefully explaining the pros and cons to me. She would also tell me if she doesn’t have a lot of experience with something. I have been through this for 4 long years, one pregnancy, one miscarriage. A lot of anxiety, fears, distrust…but one thing I do trust is my doctor.

      • cindysn says:

        We have to agree to disagree. Losing a baby to something curable to then not prevent it saddens me. I try my best to share information on the TAC so that women who have suffered losses due to IC can educate themselves. A TAC is not a well known surgery and most dr’s will say its agreesive means to prevent loss but losing one baby to IC is too many in my book. If my dr did not agree with getting a TAC I would find a new dr who was on the same page as I. I am glad you trust your dr but I do not trust any dr that much that I would now do my own research and go with what was right for me.

  2. catwoman73 says:

    She has probably fallen prey to the optimism bias, and just assumes that a loss with TVC won’t happen to her. Personally, after four losses (for a totally different reason), I would do anything to be able to stay pregnant, and if I were in her position, I would certainly choose TAC. But it is a personal choice… good luck to her- I sincerely hope it works out in her favour.

  3. I would 100% go with the tac! Does she realize that with tvc there is still a huge risk of losing her baby and its highly likely she may be on bedrest at some point? I tend to lean towards aggressive treatment. Its what usually gets the job done!

    • cindysn says:

      I agree with you. I would want the best odds of having a normal pregnancy with a full term baby.

      • I also feel like you that we should never have too much trust in drs despite their experience. I’ve been let down with dire consequences too many times. We know our bodies and sometimes we have to trust our own instincts. This is NOT saying we shouldnt listen to our drs, because ultimately they are the ones with the degrees but I’m just saying we need to do our own research too ect.

  4. kastreet says:

    There are risks to everything. My biggest fear with the TAC was the surgery. I don’t care how skilled a doctor you are, shit happens. My father died of a routine procedure due to unforeseen complications. Sadly, I have seen woman still have their water break with a TAC because they had yet another underlying problem other than IC. Also, the risk of accreta increase with subsequent csections. Maybe she was looking into this because she wants multiple children. I’ve had one csection, and am now battling that fight. I could lose my uterus an possibly my life with this pregnancy if it turns out I do have accreta.

    Now, on the other hand I do not have confirmed IC. If I did, I would have probably gone with a TVCIC over a TAC, or possibly a RoboTAC (not to be confused with LAP-TAC) but that is personal preference. I didn’t want to be fully cut open 3 times in one year (my loss csection, the surgery, the subsequent rainbow csection) it had nothing to do with TAC itself.

    I agree and disagree with the above commenter and you. You have to trust your doctor 100%. I would NOT get a TAC (or any other procedure for that matter) from a doctor I didn’t fully trust. If you 100% believe you need a TAC and your doctor believes you don’t, then you don’t trust them 100%.

    I found that after calling, emailing, and talking with 3 TAC doctors, I only 100% trusted one of them. He didn’t think I needed the TAC, but would do it, TVC, or TVCIC is my OB and I agreed we wanted it. After several days of conferring with my OB we decided against it because I was already pregnant. I didn’t want to risk any procedures while pregnant. Now, if I were not pregnant at the time I probably would have went ahead with a TVCIC or RoboTAC.

    I guess what I am getting at is try not to judge another mother, especially one who has lost a child. She is doing what she believes is best. We as BLMs have enough judgement from the outside already from those who have no clue what we have been through. We shouldn’t judge one another within our group for any reason. She has her reasons (whether they are just or not) and is already going trough Hell as it is. I know we only want her to bring her rainbow home, but she doesn’t need the extra pressure.

    I hope this doesn’t offend as I am neither pro nor against TAC. We just have to support one another no matter what. xoxo

    • cindysn says:

      I am glad you reached out to TAC drs and they gave you their opinion. I spoke to 3 of the best on the country and they agreed that I have IC and a TAC was best for me and my future babies. My issue is when people do not do the due dilegence and seek out opinions from the experts. There are tons of drs who do not believe in the TAC for whatever reason and will promote TVC’s to women who have known IC and then they go on to lose multiple babies because of it. She has her reasons whatever they may be and all I can hope is that her next pregnancy is successful and she does not suffer another lose due to IC.

  5. Kate says:

    I am fully informed on TAC and TVC. We chose TVC. It may have been different if the IC loss had occurred sooner or if we felt we couldn’t control it with less invasive means. For some, TVC doesn’t work. A fellow blogger lost 2 babies with a TVC, but she also lost a full term baby with her TAC. In my case, I went full term with a TVC and made it until 2 days before induction at 39 weeks.

    I think each person has to balance the risks of loss with the risks of major abdominal surgery. I can completely understand how you are feeling, though. Of course we want to do everything we can to never lose another child, but again, it’s about balance. It could also be a funding issue. You generally have to travel out of state for the TAC. While I could never set a limit on how much I would pay to have a healthy child, that can inhibit the whole process.

    Like I said, I totally understand where you are coming from, but I’m also a little miffed by this post.

    • cindysn says:

      A TAC when performed by an experienced surgeon has a 98% success rate to cure IC. You can still lose a baby for other reasons but not IC. I am glad that the TVC worked for you but for many it doesnt. I have not known one person who regrets getting the TAC but I def know of women who regret getting the TVC rather than the TAC. Sorry if this offended you but I am just stating how I feel and if you are able to get a TAC and you have known IC its the best option to take since it gives your the best odds at bringing home a full term baby. Most drs will not tell you that when you are given the odds of TVC success its 80-85% that you will get to viability and anything after that is a bonus for me a micro-premie with a 50% chance of surviving is not success at all. Again I want everyone to understand there are pros and cons to everything but in my case we chose to give ourselves the best chance to have a full term baby.

      • Kate says:

        We’ll just have to disagree on this one. While the TAC absolutely gives you better odds of bringing home a full term baby, it is still major surgery, which inherently carries its own risks. I know you are passionate about this, and I wasn’t totally offended, but your post to me sounds like you feel I’m either uneducated about things, dumb, or a bad mother.. For you, the TAC was the right choice, for us, it wasn’t. It makes me very nervous to see a blanket statement that TAC is the proper, and should be only, way to deal with IC, when it comes from someone outside of the medical community. I hope I haven’t offended you, and if I did, I apologize.

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