Dad Slams Internet Trolls Who Bashed His Toddler for Playing With Kitchen Playset

I cannot believe that people really believe that a kitchen toy is only meant for girls!!!  I have strongly considered getting my son a kitchen set for his birthday since he loves anything to do with cooking or food.  Its just so narrow minded that people think this way still!!!  The majority of chefs are male these days and I want my son to be able to cook for himself and not have to rely on his future partner or takeout. This whole boys are supposed to play with trucks and girls are supposed to play with dolls is completely wrong and playing with a specific toy does not mean your child will be “gay” and if he/she is who cares anyway!!! I will love my son no matter what gender he loves in the future!!!


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5 comments on “Dad Slams Internet Trolls Who Bashed His Toddler for Playing With Kitchen Playset
  1. jonsie13 says:

    My son has a kitchen set. He loves it. He’ll be getting a grocery cart for Christmas.
    People are ridiculous.

    • cindysn says:

      I have a grocery cart which he loves putting things in and pushing it around. I really want to get him a kitchen set for his bday.

      • jonsie13 says:

        Do it! I’m sure he’ll love it. I know lots of boys who have them.

      • jonsie13 says:

        I will add, I bought Oliver a small baby doll at Target. It’s very small, basic, in a green outfit. No frills. I did it because I noticed when baby dolls were around Oliver didn’t know what they were or what to do. They sort of freaked him out. He would touch their faces, the crawl away and stare sideways back at the creepy doll. Lol. So, he now has a baby. It’s not a big deal. Kids are kids.

  2. While I wouldn’t buy my sons Barbies, Tru does play with my nieces baby dolls. I figure he’s learning to be a dad! And I certainly feel fine with him playing with kitchen toys! Boys can cook too. My uncle was a chef. 🙂

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