My Dia & Co. Box Arrived & Review!!!

So I mentioned in previous blog posts that I tend to be style challenged and even enlisted some help from fellow bloggers which I never followed up on but either way I have read about stitch fix and thought that was an awesome idea.  I looked at stitch fix and I tend to be on the larger side and the upper limit for them is a size 14 which I am about a 10-12-14 size in most clothing.  I came upon Dia & Co. which specializes in larger sizes which I thought would be great because why not be in the lower range than the upper range.  I filled out the questionnaire and detailed how I normally dress, the size I currently wear and price point I would like to stick to.  Being a working mom I need my clothes to be easy to wear and not too pricey.  I also read a couple of reviews that the sytlists would call you to consult which I liked.  Well I decided to try it for the $20 styling even if I didnt like anything it was worth a try.

I got my box on Sunday and this is how it came:

DSC07457 DSC07455

I also received a personal card which detailed how to incorporate the pieces and how to wear them:DSC07467 DSC07469

I received 4 pieces of clothing and 1 accessory:DSC07465

The items included the following:

This was the sweater which was grey and had mesh panels.  The size was XXL and as you can tell it is huge!!! I have never worn a shirt that large and I indicated in the questionnair that I wear between a large and x-large in tops.  The sweater price was $45 which for me is a little pricey for a top.  This went back because it was too large.

DSC07473 DSC07476

Next was this black chiffon blouse which was a 1x again way too big.  I also do not like sleeveless tops since I am super self conscious of my arms which I also stated in the questionnaire.  The blouse was $64.99 and I also returned it because it was too big and was not a fan of the look plus the price was too expensive for me.DSC07479Next was the faux leather pant leggings.  I am not a big fan of leggings to begin with and I do not like faux leather which I also indicated.  As you can see its huge and again never have I worn a size that large before.  The price was $69 which was also too expensive, I did not like them and the pants were too big.DSC07484 DSC07482

I did not take a picture of me wearing the scarf but it was a purple infinity scarf which cost $35.  The price is too expensive for a scarf so I returned it.DSC07459I did keep one article of clothing which was this dress:


I dont own or wear many dresses since I tend to have an issue with fit since I am large chested and my middle is also large. I feel boxy in them or they just make me feel bigger. The dress is a size 14 and I think overall its a nice dress.  Am I absolutely in love not really but the dress cost $45 so it was not bad plus the styling fee gets credited from my purchase so it would cost me an additional $25 to keep it.  I decided to keep it and wear it on a date night or if we are going out with dark tights and boots.


The total for the box was $187.19 if I would have kept everything given the 20% discount.

I am still on the fence if I want to give them another chance or if I should try stitch fix.

What do you think?

P.S. Sorry for the bathroom pics.  I do not have a full length mirror.  I need to buy one 🙂


I sent the following email to Dia & Co. to express my dissatisfaction with my first box:

I just got my 1st Dia&Co. box and was a little disappointed. The sizing was way off with the shirt being an 1x, the sweater was an xxl and the leggings being 1x. I stated in my profile that I wear between a large and extra large in most clothes and wear a size 10-12 in pants. I did like the dress which was a size 14 which I will keep but everything else will go back. I thought I would get a call to discuss my style since leather leggings was not something I would have ever worn or bought.

I think maybe I am not the right body shape for this subscription service.
Are boxes automatically sent because I would like to not receive another box and I would like to know how to cancel my subscription.
Thank you
I received this reply email from Dia & Co.:
Hi Cindy,

I am so sorry that this box was a miss! The first box is always the trickiest as we are still learning your unique style and fit. I’m sure you are all too familiar with how different sizes are across brands so we do try and send a good mix to get an idea of how our brands are fitting you.
We specialize in women size 14 and above so, if you are a size L or XL unfortunately you are smaller than majority of the clothing we have to offer. With that being said we truly appreciate your feedback and for giving us a try! I will definitely be sharing your feedback with out team.
We are not a subscription and since you did not say you could like another box – we do not have you scheduled for any future boxes.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.
I appreciate them emailing me back so now I know that Dia & Co. is not for me.  I did order my first stitch fix!!!  I should be receiving my box on November 21st and I am really excited!!!



My name is Cindy

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10 comments on “My Dia & Co. Box Arrived & Review!!!
  1. DitchTheBun says:

    Can you send them feedback to say that you felt that the guidelines you provided were not really considered when putting together the last box? I am especially confused with the amount of VERY wrong sizes you received. There is no way that jumper would fit someone who is size 14. I am a size 16-18 and I by the look of it I think it would have been huge on me!

    • cindysn says:

      I posted an update on that blog post since I did email Dia & Co. and they replied back to me.

      • DitchTheBun says:

        It’s good that they got back to you and they seemed to be pretty honest and upfront which is nice. It’s always good to try new things and I like that they weren’t a subscription service 🙂

      • cindysn says:

        They are a subscription service as well but I opted to only do the 1 box to check it out. I am glad they emailed me back and were honest.

  2. Liz Luna says:

    I using Dia&Co 3month now. one month Laura styling my box it was big fail box! I did contact to costumer service and their answer is terrible also. so I requested changing stylist and I got okay box. but I know Dia&Co’s costumer service is not great at all.

  3. Leslie says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been trying to find an honest review of the service for a while now, but all the links take me to Dia & Co sponsored raves. By the way, I love your bathroom. What pretty travertine!

  4. Drica says:

    I also had a the exact first experience. To add, you can’t find the clothing online to compare pricing to see if the mark up. Is excessive.

  5. Mary Jo Popiolek says:

    I received the box and everything was too big I guess when you get good quality clothes they are made bigger but the price is way too high I am sorry I need to cancel my account with you I loved the purse but again too expensive. Thank you for letting me see what a great company you are but I have to cancel the account so please don’t send anymore boxes.
    Mary Jo Popiolek

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