PCOS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

So for the past couple of months I have been tracking my BBT and I have been ovulating and all of a sudden after I took a month break I stop ovulating!!!  My temperatures are all over the place and its super frustrating.  I thought with eating better and working out it would help…NO it makes it worse!!!  We were going to try naturally for a couple of months before seeing the RE again but I guess that is not going to happen because my body hates me and PCOS sucks!!!



My name is Cindy

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6 comments on “PCOS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!
  1. DitchTheBun says:

    I’m sorry, I feel your pain and you are completely right, it totally sucks!!! My specialist keeps saying if I just lose more weight I can do IVF, so I eat right and exercise and have lost maybe another kilo in a few months, but at least I am maintaining that loss.

  2. evelynnross says:

    PCOS really does suck. So much. All of the suck.

  3. I hated waiting and tracking and Dr visits… but now, I’ve got a sweet baby to show for it. You will too, just keep at it!!

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