I had a miscarriage….

So I didnt know if I would ever write on this blog again and I am still debating on how to handle it but I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks back in April.  I have had every test known possible on me and the baby and everything was normal.  My sweet baby boy was 100% normal and I still had a miscarriage.  I was beyond devastated and needed a D&E which was an ordeal given that I have a TAC but thankfully they were able to do the procedure and not damage it.

I had my 8 frozen embryos PGS tested to make sure that for my next transfer I would be transferring a normal embryo.  Out of the 8 embryos 4 are normal and 1 is mosaic.

We are now doing a FET and I am currently on estrogen and hopefully we will be transferring 1 normal embryo on 9/6/17.

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It’s been 3 months and…

I am 11 weeks pregnant!!!  My FET worked and I currently have 1 baby on board.  I cannot believe that I have not posted in 3 months but it seems like work and life has kept me busy.

So far in this pregnancy I have had the worst MS ever!!!  I was non stop vomiting and nauseous for the first 7 weeks and finally was put on diclegis to help with the MS since I was not able to really function.  The diclegis has really helped and have only had a handful of times that I have vomited while on it.

I have my NT scan this week and since I am of advanced maternal age (35) I had the non-invasive prenatal screening test last week. I should have the results from that soon as well as find out the gender.  Still debating on doing a gender reveal of some type either just the 3 of us or with the rest of the family.  We have not told anyone yet so we are waiting until the right time whenever that may be.  With Eric we didnt tell anyone till around 24w but I am feeling more comfortable now that my TAC is tested and proven.

We told Eric that he was going to be a big brother at the 8 week OB scan.  He saw the baby in my tummy and he is so cute about it.  I dont know if he fully gets it but I think once I get bigger and he can feel the baby it will sink in more.

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I am PUPO!!!!

So yesterday was my 5dt!!!  We ended up transferring one Full Blastocyst AA based on the recommendation from my RE.  She said it was best to only transfer one given my current issues with my blood pressure and the risk of twins.  At the transfer my blood pressure was pretty high but I attribute it to all the hormones and the stress of IVF.  So I am Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise!!!  I am not confident that this will work since my first fresh IVF transfer was a BFN and that was a hatching blast.  We shall see I guess…trying to have hope and faith that it will work.proven

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Egg Retrieval!!!

So on Friday November 11th we had our retrieval and out of the 36 follicles they were able to retrieve 29 eggs!!!  Out of the 29 eggs 20 were mature and 17 fertilized naturally!!! I am ecstatic at the fertilization number since our first IVF we only had 35% fertilize and now we had 85% fertilize.  We were contemplating doing ICSI since our insurance approved it based on our poor fertilization but we didnt need it this time around.

Now we are waiting on how well the 17 are doing and what time our 5 day transfer will be.  I am nervous about them and hopefully they are developing normally.

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IVF #2 Treatment Journal


Started stims tonight!!! Oh the joys of stabbing myself in the belly brings back the fond memories. I have to go back in 3 days for monitoring. I am also still bleeding heavy from coming off the pill. I guess being on BCP’s for that long does this.


Gonal F – 200iu


My first monitoring appointment. I had several follicles and 2 were measurable at around 10mm. I go back on 11/5 for another check and I need to bring my cetrotide just in case I need it. My meds stayed the same.


Gonal F – 200iu


I have 19 follicles so far and thankfully they are all growing at the same pace. My meds were reduced since I was stimming a little too well. Plus I need to take cetrotide.


AM: Cetrotide
PM: Gonal F – 150iu


I have 30 follicles and my meds stayed the same.


AM: Cetrotide
PM: Gonal F – 150iu


I have 35 follicles and my meds stayed the same. Should be done soon…I hope


AM: Cetrotide
PM: Gonal F – 150iu


I have 36 follicles with the largest being around 20mm. I am not feeling 100% and we are triggering tonight!!!


AM: Cetrotide
PM: Lupron trigger at 8:30PM (80 units/0.8ml)


Only bloodwork and no u/s

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Started the IVF Journey…

So I thought I would be able to blog more but work and life has really taken a lot of my free time.  But I thought I would come back and start blogging about my current IVF cycle.

I went back to the RE on 10/27 and stopped BCP’s.  I started stims on 10/31.  I am on 200iu of Gonal-F for the past 3 days.

I had my first monitoring appointment today to see how things are progressing and I have many follicles and there were surprisingly 2 that were measurable at 10mm.  I have a feeling that they will be reducing my meds so that I dont stim as fast as last time.  For my first IVF cycle I only stimmed for 8 days and had 35 follicles.  I am really hoping for more mature follicles this time around.

My next monitoring appointment is on 11/5 and then 11/7.  I am probably going to be monitored daily after 11/7.

These are the 2 big boxes of meds that I received.p_20161019_170234p_20161019_170905

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I am back!!!

So I took a little bit of a break…I think blogging everyday was a bit too much with work and life.  I just needed to stop and focus on home life and my infertility journey…

Well on the that front…I had to have 4 IUI’s and sadly they all did not work which I was not expecting but was hoping that maybe it would.  So with that I took a 1 month break from all things fertility related and now we are back on the roller coaster.

Today I have my baseline appointment to start BCP’s!!!!  Will be on them for 3 weeks to make sure my ovaries are nice and quiet and then we can start stimming!!!  I hope that this time around I grow a good number of nice mature eggs and not 35 of which 20 are mature. They will be monitoring my dosage closely so that I do not stim too hard and fast.

So with regards to blogging I really enjoy it and I hope that some of my experiences can help others who are on the same journey.  I plan on blogging 2-3x a week which is more doable with my schedule.

Wish me luck!!!hello-im-back

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