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I had a miscarriage….

So I didnt know if I would ever write on this blog again and I am still debating on how to handle it but I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks back in April.  I have had every test known

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Egg Retrieval!!!

So on Friday November 11th we had our retrieval and out of the 36 follicles they were able to retrieve 29 eggs!!!  Out of the 29 eggs 20 were mature and 17 fertilized naturally!!! I am ecstatic at the fertilization

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IVF #2 Treatment Journal

10/31/16: Started stims tonight!!! Oh the joys of stabbing myself in the belly brings back the fond memories. I have to go back in 3 days for monitoring. I am also still bleeding heavy from coming off the pill. I

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Started the IVF Journey…

So I thought I would be able to blog more but work and life has really taken a lot of my free time.  But I thought I would come back and start blogging about my current IVF cycle. I went

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I am back!!!

So I took a little bit of a break…I think blogging everyday was a bit too much with work and life.  I just needed to stop and focus on home life and my infertility journey… Well on the that front…I

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Started IUI Cycle #2

So I went to my RE yesterday since as expected CD1 was Saturday.  They took blood and did a sono and all was good.  My insurance required at least 2 medicated cycles to be approved for IVF if these cycles

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IUI #1 = Failed!!!

So as expected IUI#1 has failed.  I went into my RE having tested last night and stark white on the HPT!!!  I have resigned myself that IUI’s will not work for me but I just need to do 3 to

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